Sl No Subject File Publish Date
1 New The final gradation list of Local Fund Auditors as on 01.07.2024.(L.No.3501/DLFA, dtd.03.07.24) Download 05-07-2024
2 New Result of the 54th Departmental Examination of Local Fund Auditors.(L.No.3371/DLFA, Dtd.25.06.2024) Download 25-06-2024
3 Provisional gradation list of Audit Superintendents under LFAO as on dtd.20.06.2024(O.O.No.3251/DLFA, dtd.20.06.2024) Download 20-06-2024
4 Provisional Gradation List of Auditors as on Dtd.03.05.2024 (O.No.2407/DLFA, Dtd.06.05.2024) Download 06-05-2024
5 Notification for 54th Departmental Examination of Local Fund Auditors(L.No.1855/DLFA, Dtd. 04.04.2024) Download 04-04-2024
6 Arrangement in respect of employees of Local Fund Audit Organisation relating to submission of CCRs and PARs for the year 2023-24.(O/O No.1781/DLFA, Dtd.30.03.2024) Download 30-03-2024
7 Extension of engagement of Sri Dinabandhu Behera, Retd. Addl. DAO as OSD at DLFA from 01.03.2024 to 28.02.2025.(O/O No.1521/DLFA, Dtd.15.03.2024) Download 16-03-2024
8 Promotion of employees to OT&AS cadre (6363/F, Dtd.11.03.2024) Download 12-03-2024
9 Promotion of Smt. Swarnapriya Nayak, Auditor to the post of Audit Superintendent.(O/O No.1392/DLFA, Dtd.07.03.2024) Download 11-03-2024
10 Appointment Order of newly recruited Auditors(O/O No.1384/DLFA, Dtd.07.03.2024) Download 11-03-2024
11 Annexure-VII (OATH) Download 11-03-2024
12 Annexure to be produced by newly recruited Auditors at the time of joining. Download 09-03-2024
13 Final Gradation list of ASOs of DLFA as on 01.03.2024(O/O No.1266/DLFA , Dtd.01.03.2024) Download 02-03-2024
14 Fixing of inter-se-seniority of Sri Santosh Kumar Behera, Audit Superintendent in the gradation list of Audit Superintendent(O/O No.1247/DLFA, Dtd.29.02.2024) Download 29-02-2024
15 Relieve Order of Sri Manoranjan Mohapatra, OFS(SAG), Addl. Director, DLFA( O.No.1201/DLFA, Dtd.26.02.2024) Download 26-02-2024
16 Confirmation of LFA Audit Personnel in the post of Auditor( O/O No.1021/DLFA, dtd.17.02.2024) Download 20-02-2024
17 Transfer & Posting of Audit Personnel on foreign service term and condition(Order No.951/DLFA, Dtd.13.02.2024) Download 16-02-2024
18 Counselling Session for 1st posting of the provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA)( L.No.854/DLFA, dtd. 07.02.2024) Download 08-02-2024
19 Advertisement for contractual engagement of retired Audit Personnel as OSD in Audit Office, Local Fund Audit, Bhubaneswar. ( No.223/dtd.06.02.2024) Download 08-02-2024
20 Verification of original certificates/documents of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA) to be conducted on dtd.30.01.2024 Download 19-01-2024
21 Verification of original certificates/documents of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA) to be conducted on dtd.29.01.2024 Download 19-01-2024
22 Verification of original certificates/documents of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA) to be conducted on dtd.25.01.2024 Download 19-01-2024
23 Verification of original certificates/documents of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA) to be conducted on dtd.24.01.2024 Download 19-01-2024
24 Verification of original certificates/documents of provisionally selected candidates for the post of Auditor(LFA) to be conducted on dtd.22.01.2024 Download 19-01-2024
25 Cancellation of allotment of Accounts Review of Jay Jagannath HSS, R Badmal, Sambalpur for 2021-22. Download 04-01-2024
26 Deployment of Sri Ranjan Kumar Behera, Audit Superintendent(O/O No.8437/Dtd.22.12.2023) Download 22-12-2023
27 Addendum to O. No. 8362/DLFA, dtd.20.12.2023 regarding confirmation in the post. Download 22-12-2023
28 Provisional Gradation list of OT&AS Officers(O/O No.31892/F, dtd.18.11.2023) Download 21-12-2023
29 Confirmation Order of LFA Audit Personnel.( O/O No.8362/DLFA, dtd.20.12.2023 Download 21-12-2023
30 Final Gradation list of Audit Superintendents of LFA as on dtd.20.11.2023 ( O/O No. 7949/Dtd.20.11.2023) Download 22-11-2023
31 Joining of Smt. Rashmi Kabi, OFS(SAG) as the Additional Director of DLFA, Odisha (O/O No. 7963/DLFA, Dtd.21.11.2023) Download 22-11-2023
32 Promotion of Local Fund Auditors to the post of Audit Superintendent(O/O No.7755/DLFA, Dtd.08.11.2023) Download 17-11-2023
33 Deployment of Auditors (Order No.7668/DLFA Dt.03.11.2023) Download 03-11-2023
34 Relieve Order of Sri Drupad Kumar Nayak, Auditor, O/O the DAO, Rayagada (L.No.6827/DLFA, dtd. 13.09.2023) Download 14-09-2023
35 Appointment of Sri Shishir Kumar Swain, Retd. AAO as OSD at DLFA, Odisha (L.No.6840/DLFA, Dtd.13.09.2023) Download 14-09-2023
36 Joining of Sri Manoranjan Mohapatra, OFS(SAG) as Additional Director of DLFA, Odisha. Download 02-09-2023
37 Relieve Order of Miss Sunanda Sarangi, OFS(SB), Deputy Director, DLFA Download 01-09-2023
38 Final Gradation list of Local Fund Auditors as on Dt. 01.08.2023( O/O No.4459/Dt.16.08.2023) Download 16-08-2023
39 Use of Aadhaar Authentication service in HRMS (L.No. 23613/GAD, dtd.10.08.23) Download 11-08-2023
40 Promotion of OSFS Officers to OT&AS cadre (L.No. 22483/F, dtd. 09.08.23) Download 11-08-2023
41 List of Empanelled CA Firms for Accounts Review Work of Aided Colleges for the year 2023-24 & 2024-25 Download 04-08-2023
42 Deployment of Sri S.K. Behera, Auditor( O/O No. 3735/dtd.17.07.2023) Download 18-07-2023
43 Deployment of Mary Ruphena Ekka, Auditor.( O/O No.3422/DLFA, dtd.05.07.2023 Download 05-07-2023
44 Deployment of Auditors.( O/O No.3430/DLFA, dtd.05.07.2023) Download 05-07-2023
45 Recommendation of NSCS Officers for consideration for IAS of Odisha cadre by selection. Download 05-07-2023
46 Extension of dateline for submission of Property Statement(659/SE, dtd.24.05.23) Download 09-06-2023
47 Notification for 4 months residential Induction Training Programme for Local Fund Auditors( 2960/DLFA, dtd.09.06.2023) Download 09-06-2023
48 Extension of dateline for exercising option for Accounts Review Programme Download 07-06-2023
49 Transfer Order of Auditors/Audit Superintendents(O/O 2800/DLFA, dtd.05.06.2023) Download 05-06-2023
50 Disengagement of OSDs (L.No.2646/dtd.24.05.2023) Download 30-05-2023
51 Acceptance of Resignation of Sri Manoj Ku Das, Auditor Download 30-05-2023
52 Modification of order No. 1894/DLFA, dtd.15.04.23 regarding transfer of S.O.s. Download 26-05-2023
53 Transfer Order of Auditors/Audit Superintendents(O/O 2547/DLFA, dtd.20.05.2023) Download 20-05-2023
54 Operation of 'Audit Intimation' module in ALFA. Download 20-05-2023
55 Refresher Training Programme for Auditors Download 16-05-2023
56 Promotion of employees of OSFS cadre to OT&AS cadre (13711/F, dtd.04.05.2023) Download 06-05-2023
57 Work distribution in Establishment Branch of DLFA (O/O 2184/DLFA, dtd.02.05.2023). Download 03-05-2023
58 Cancellation of deployment of Sri K.C. Senapati, Audit Superintendent Download 27-04-2023
59 Delegation of power to sanction E.L. (O/O No.1999/DLFA, dtd.20.04.2023) Download 20-04-2023
60 Cancellation of Deployment order(O/O 1894/DLFA, dtd.15.04.2023) Download 15-04-2023
61 Re-engagement of retired Audit Personnel in Dist. Audit offices(O/O No. 1823/DLFA, dtd.10.04.2023) Download 11-04-2023
62 Provisional Gradation list of Audit Superintendents under LFA Organisation as on 03.04.2023(O/O No.1803/DLFA, dtd.10.04.2023) Download 10-04-2023
63 Arrangements for submission of PARs/CCRs for F.Y. 2022-23 Download 03-04-2023
64 Conduct of 53rd Departmental Examination of Auditors(O No. 1480/DLFA, dtd.17.03.2023) Download 18-03-2023
65 Extension of re engagement of Sri Dinabandhu Behera, Retd. ADAO as OSD at DLFA( O/O 1310/DLFA, dtd.06.03.2023) Download 09-03-2023
66 Provisional Gradation list of Auditors of LFA as on dtd.21.02.2023(O/O 1133/DLFA, dtd.28.02.2023) Download 01-03-2023
67 Sri Rankanidhi Panda, Asst. Director, DLFA remained in charge of DAO,LFA, Cuttack. Download 27-02-2023
68 Joining of Sri Rankanidhi Panda as Asst. Director at DLFA, Odisha Download 27-02-2023
69 Extension of dateline for completion, submission and approval of ARRs relating to ARP 2022-23 Download 13-02-2023
70 Promotion of ADAOs to the rank of Asst. Director, DLFA(O.No.4303/F, dtd.08.02.2023) Download 10-02-2023
71 Advertisement for re-engagement of retired Govt. employees as OSD against vacant post of ministerial staff in Audit Office, Bhubaneswar Download 09-02-2023
72 Relieve Order of Smt. Subhashree Mishra, AS, LFA, Ganjam to Join as Asst. Collector, Ganjam Download 04-02-2023
73 Promotion of Audit Superintendents to the post of Additional Dist. Audit Officer(O/O No.3635/F, dtd.02.02.2023) Download 03-02-2023
74 Cancellation of Transfer order of Sri Binaya Bhushan Mohanty, Auditor promoted to the post of Audit Superintendent Download 31-01-2023
75 Deployment order of Smt. Prativa Mallick, AS Download 31-01-2023
76 Corrigendum to O. No.523/DLFA, dtd.30.01.2023 Download 31-01-2023
77 Promotion of Senior Assistants of LFA to the post of Auditors(O/O 523/DLFA, dtd.30.01.2023) Download 31-01-2023
78 Job Chart of Asst. Audit Officers posted at DLFA (O/O 6730/DLFA, Dtd.11.11.2022) Download 01-12-2022
79 Regularization of service of the Auditors appointed as initial appointee as per Gr.-B Contractual Rules,2013.( O/O 6961/DLFA, Dtd.23.11.2022) Download 24-11-2022
80 Final Gradation list of Additional Dist. Audit Officers( O/O No. 27948/F, Dt.11.11.2022) Download 17-11-2022
81 Transfer Order of Auditors and Audit Superintendents ( O/O 6130/DLFA, Dt.01.10.2022) Download 13-10-2022
82 Promotion order of Auditors to the post of Audit Superintendent(O/O 6135/DLFA, Dt.01.10.2022) Download 13-10-2022
83 Appointment of Junior Assistants (initial appointee) (O/O No.5988/DLFA, Dt. 23.09.2022) in DLFA, Odisha Download 23-09-2022
84 Online Training Programme on Audit of PMAY-G Scheme to be conducted by AG, Bhubaneswar under TGS arrangement. Download 21-08-2022
85 Appointment of Sonali Beura, as Junior Stenographer( initial appointee) (O/O No.3228/DLFA, Dt. 20.07.2022) Download 21-07-2022
86 Appointment of Sri Dibya Ranjan Samal, as Junior Stenographer( initial appointee) (O/O No.3219/DLFA, Dt. 20.07.2022) Download 21-07-2022
87 Appointment of Sri Mahendra Sahoo, as Auditor( initial appointee) (O/O No.2738/DLFA, Dt. 27.06.2022) Download 28-06-2022
88 Final list of empanelled CA Firms for the ARP 2022-2023 for Accounts review of aided colleges. Download 24-06-2022
89 Corrigendum to Order No. 2434/DLFA dt.08.06.2022 Download 17-06-2022
90 Regarding completion of approval process of the pending Draft Audit Reports the audit of which has been completed on or before 15.04.2022 Download 14-06-2022
91 Appointment Letter of Newly recruited Auditors(O/O No.2434/DLFA, Dt. 08.06.2022) Download 10-06-2022
92 ANNEXURE-IV V & VI Download 09-06-2022
93 Counseling Session for newly recruited Auditors Download 07-06-2022
94 Corrigendum to Letter no.2374 Download 05-06-2022
95 Transfer order of Auditors (Letter no 2374/04-06-2022) Download 05-06-2022
96 Verification of Original Documents of selected candidates to be posted as Auditors Download 20-05-2022
97 Fixing of inter-se-seniority of Audit Superintendents promoted vide order no. 88/dt.06.01.2022 Download 07-01-2022
98 Promotion order of Audit Superintendents(88/DLFA , Dt 06.01.2022). Download 06-01-2022
99 Extension of date line for Bid Security Declaration Download 06-01-2022
100 Amendment of Odisha Treasury Rules-2021 Download 06-01-2022
101 conduct of 52nd Departmental Examination of Auditors of Local Fund Audit Organisation Download 18-11-2021
102 Promotion orders of Audit Superintendents(4255/DLFA , Dt 18-08-2021). Download 18-08-2021
103 Notification No.12554-F, dtd.19.04.2021 [Appointment of A.D.A.O. as Asst. Examiner of Local Accounts under OLFA Act 1948. Download 13-08-2021
104 Final eligible list of CA Firms ARP 21-22 Download 21-06-2021
105 Promotion orders of OT&AS (Memo No.114/DLFA, dtd.08.01.2021) Download 18-01-2021
106 Quotation Call Notice (No.6702/DLFA, dtd.23.11.2020) Download 18-01-2021
107 Partial modification of Finance Deptt. Notification No.3219/F, dtd.29.01.2020 Download 25-09-2020
108 Approved empanel list of CA Firms for accounts review of Aided Colleges in plan year 2020-2021. Download 09-06-2020
109 Assignment of work to Addl. District Audit Officer, LFA, Odisha. Download 07-03-2020
110 Submission of copies of Audit Reports to different Authorities. Download 06-03-2020
111 Corrigendum issued by Finance Department, Govt. of Odisha against Resolution No.7401/F, dtd.14.03.2013(No.3488/F, dtd.31.01.2020) Download 13-02-2020
112 Cadre Restructuring of Audit Personnel under Local Fund Audit Organisation, Odisha. Download 04-02-2020
113 Two-day Training Programme on "Conduct of Thematic Audit in Panchayat Samities and ULBs during AAP, 2019-20"to be conducted in the Conference Hall of DLFA on 18th & 19th December,2019. Download 16-12-2019
114 Orientation Training Programme for lnewly appointed Auditors of LFA Organisation from 25.11.2019 to 27.11.2019. Download 21-11-2019
115 Re-constitution of Appeal Forum under Section 11 of the Odisha Local Fund Audit Act, 1948 with effect from 18th July, 2019. Download 03-08-2019
116 Inviting online proposals from principals of non-govt aided colleges for ARP 2019-2020 Download 24-06-2019
117 Approved empanel list of CA Firms for accounts review of Aided Colleges in plan year 2019-2020. Download 22-06-2019
118 Office order regarding confirmation of Sri Dinabandhu Behera, A.S. of Local Fund Audit Organisation under Finance Deptt. in the post of Auditor.(O.O.No.7355/DLFA, dtd.01.10.18) Download 01-10-2018
119 Notification regarding confirmation of audit personnel of Local Fund Audit Organisation under Finance Deptt. in the post of Auditor. Download 13-08-2018
120 Notification relating to appoint the Additional Director, Local Fund Audit, Odisha, Bhubaneswar as Deputy Examiner of Local Accounts. Download 08-08-2018
121 Results of 50th Departmental Examination of Auditors of Local Fund Audit. Download 03-05-2018
122 Timely completion of Accounts Review in ARP 2018-19 Download 01-05-2018
123 Approved empanel list of CA Firms for accounts review of Aided Colleges in plan year 2018-2019. Download 10-04-2018
124 Notification relating to 50th Departmental Examination of Auditors of Local Fund Audit Organization. Download 15-09-2017
125 Grant of two days Special CL on 17.8.2017 & 18.8.2017 in favour of the members of the OSFS(LFA) Association vide Home Deptt. Lt. No. 30098/5.8.2017 Download 11-08-2017
126 Implementation of Crisis Management Plan for Cyber Security in the State. Download 01-07-2017
127 Advisory for Ransomware Threat Download 17-05-2017
128 Approved empanel list of CA Firms for accounts review of aided colleges in plan year 2017-2018. Download 03-04-2017
129 Measures to prevent rush of expenditure towards the fag end of the Financial Year, 2016-17 vide FD Notification No. 6106/F dt. 6.3.2017 Download 10-03-2017
130 Promotion of OFS-I (JB) Officers to OFS-I (SB) vide FD Notification No. 5100/F dt. 23.02.2017 Download 03-03-2017
131 The Tender Call Notice vide No.XIV-Aud-82/2015-13456/DLFA, dated 08.11.2016 published on 10.11.2016 is hereby cancelled. Download 24-01-2017
132 Order relating to the National Anthem of India. Download 17-01-2017
133 Maintenance of strict neutrality by government officials during general election to panchayat 2017. Download 17-01-2017
134 Initiative of governance reforms introduction of self certification/attestation. Download 17-01-2017
135 Making Government Buildings accessible in the state capital and 10 select cities/town of the state by July 2019 Download 17-01-2017
136 General Election to Panchayat 2017-- Ban on transfer of Officers and Staff connected with Election Work. Download 17-01-2017
137 Creation and abolition of posts under the Directorate of Local Fund Audit, Odisha_ O.No-28940/F_28.10.2016 Download 04-11-2016
138 Departmental Examination of Auditors of Local Fund Audit, 2016 Download 27-09-2016
139 Grant of special CL ON 23-06-2016,24-06-2016 in favour of the members of OSFS(LFA) Association. Download 20-06-2016
140 Odisha Sub-ordinate Finance Service (LFA) Amendment Rules 2016 Download 18-04-2016
141 Income Tax Circular 2015-16 Download 27-01-2016
142 OCS (Pension) Amendment Rules, 2015 Download 24-11-2015
143 Preparation of Revised Estimates for 2015-16 & Budget Estimates for 2016-17. Download 24-11-2015
144 Procedure to be followed with respect to transaction in connection with Public Account_ Subsidiary Rules under the Treasury Rules (Odisha) Download 24-11-2015
145 Constitution of Governing Body of the Centre of Excellence in Fiscal Policy and Taxation (CEFT) established in collaboration with Xavier University. Download 24-11-2015
146 OCS (Commutation of Pension) Amendment Rules, 2015. Download 09-09-2015
147 Accounts Review of the Aided Colleges of State by CA firms _ O.No-23117/F_24/08/2015 Download 25-08-2015
148 Operational Procedure for online submission of NPS contribution in respect of Govt. employees who under deputation to various organisations or not drawing their salaries through Treasuries_regarding_ 14.08.2015 Download 18-08-2015
149 Implementation of Sexual Harassment of Women at work Place(PPR) Act, 2013 Download 18-08-2015
150 Apex Committee to monitor and implementation of ICT Policy 2014 Download 30-07-2015
151 Fourth Session of Fifteenth Assembly Download 30-07-2015
152 ICT policy 2014 Download 30-07-2015
153 Fare for stage carriers other than town buses_15.07.2015 Download 18-07-2015
154 Connecting all the Public Authorities of Govt. of Odisha in R.T.I. portal Download 18-07-2015
155 TDS on the interest accrued in Government Accounts Download 18-07-2015
157 Creation of three posts of DAO,Boudh, Jagatsingpur and Nuapada under LFA organisation Download 22-05-2015
158 ସରକାରୀ ଦପ୍ତରରେ ଓଡିଆ ଭାଷାର ବ୍ୟବହାର । Download 08-05-2015
159 Launch of PMSBY,PMJJBY and Atal Pension Yojana( APY) by the Prime Minister on 09.05.2015 at Kolkata Download 08-05-2015
160 Minutes of the 1st State Level Monitoring Committee held on 09.04.2015 Download 08-05-2015
161 Promotion to OTAS cadre _ 11513/ F _08.04.2015 Download 10-04-2015
162 Promotion to OTAS Cadre Download 10-04-2015
163 Odisha Local Fund Audit (Amendment ) Rules, 2015 Download 27-03-2015
164 clarification regarding Appeal preferred against Surcharged or charge made by Examiner of Local Accounts Download 27-03-2015
165 Issue of Instructions to the State Govt. Departments etc. for depositing TDS and other Taxes by 31.03.2015 Download 27-03-2015
166 Calculation of Leave Salary Contribution of Govt. Servants while in Foreign Service Download 27-03-2015
167 Nomination of Nodal Officer for maintaining a separate register for VIPs and for their Telephone Calls Download 27-03-2015
168 Online filing of e_PAR for AY 2014-15 for Group A and B Officers_ Dummy Entries in PAR _ regarding Download 13-03-2015
169 Rate of monthly remuneration of contractual engagees_ clarification. Download 07-03-2015
170 Deadline for submission of proposals relating to financial sanction and drawal of funds for the FY 2014-15 Download 20-02-2015
171 Speedy and efficacious disposal of Public Grievances Download 20-02-2015
172 District Audit Offices of LFA Organisation under Finance Department are Newly Created / reconstituted. Notification No. 3194/F dt. 09.2.2015 Download 10-02-2015
173 Provision of HRA during Maternity Leave Download 10-02-2015
174 Clarification regarding 10% deductions from arrears of DA payable to employees covered under NPS Download 05-02-2015
175 Clarification on RACP_ on regular promotion Download 19-01-2015
176 Clarification on applicability of New Restructured Defined Contribution Pension Scheme Download 19-01-2015
177 Online Monitoring of RTI Application Download 19-01-2015
178 Rate of Interest on House Building Advance to Govt. Servants Download 19-01-2015
179 Implementation of Electronic filing of PAR in respect of Group- A and Group-B Officers of State Government from the Assessment Year 2014-15 Download 06-01-2015
180 Income Tax Circular for FY 2014-15 Download 29-12-2014
181 Direct recruitment of candidates for the combined recruitment of Auditors by Odisha Staff Selection Commission_Last Date of submission 31.01.2015 Download 29-12-2014
182 Odisha Group B Posts _Contractual Appointment_ Rules 2013 Download 29-12-2014
183 Prayer for transfer of employees under LFA Organisation Download 19-12-2014
184 Grant of Conveyance Allowance for Deaf and Dumb employees of State Government Download 19-12-2014
185 Rate of monthly remuneration for contractual engagees Download 19-12-2014
186 Parking of Govt. Money outside Public Account in contravention of the guidelines Download 28-11-2014
187 List of holidays for State Govt. offices as well as the Revenue and Magisterial Courts (Executive) for the calendar Year 2015. Download 28-11-2014
188 Leave Travel Concession- clarification regarding Download 18-11-2014
189 Comprehensive Guidelines relating to engagement of retired Government servants. Download 19-09-2014
190 Sri Shreekanta Kabi, IAS, Additional Secretary to Govt., Finance Department to remain in Additional charge of Director, LFA, Odisha Download 18-09-2014
191 Clarification in respect of conduct of Audit of Accounts of Municipal Corporations by Local Fund Audit Download 18-09-2014
192 Sri P.K.Biswal, I.A.S. Joint Secretary , P and C Deptt , will be the Member-Secretary of 4th State Finance Commission Download 18-09-2014
193 Alienation of Land in favour of Finance Department for construction of Treasury and Accounts Bhawan Download 18-09-2014
194 Filling-up of the post of Auditors in LFA by direct recruitment Download 18-09-2014
195 Generation of GPF e_statement Download 18-09-2014
196 36 numbers of Audit Superintendents of LFA promoted to OTAS cadre on 02/08/2014 Download 02-08-2014
197 Grant of Special CL on 04.08.2014 and 05.08.2014 in favour of members of OSFS(LFA) Association Download 01-08-2014
198 Amendment of the OSFS(LFA) Rules, 1995_ Selection Board for promotion to Auditor /Audit Superintendent Download 26-07-2014
199 Delegation of Power for appending signature on pension papers of OTAS Officers Download 26-07-2014
200 Sanction of Grant-in-Aid,Maintenance of Accounts there of, UC Download 26-07-2014
201 Delegation of Power of Pension Sanctioning Authority in OTAS Download 26-07-2014
202 Promotion and Posting order of Additional District Audit Officer in LFA Org._ G.O. No. 19550/F Dt. 30.06.2014 Download 30-06-2014
203 Enhancement of retirement age on superannuation of State Government Employees Download 29-06-2014
204 Enhancement of retirement age on superannuation of Allopathic Medical Officers Download 29-06-2014
205 Hiring of private vehicles for official use by the officials under State Govt. Download 29-06-2014
206 Creation of Ministerial Posts in the DLFA, Odisha and DAO, Puri, Gajapati, Jharsuguda, Nabarangapur Download 28-06-2014
207 Condonation of delay in certain cases_ Views of Law Department Download 26-06-2014
208 Re Deployment of Posts of Addl. DAO _ G.O No_ 14587/F_03.05.2014 Download 18-05-2014
209 Work Plan 2013-14 Review Download 09-05-2014
210 Loans and Advances given by the State Govt_ Interest Rates with other terms there on Download 28-04-2014
211 Sanction of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 01/01/2014 Download 28-04-2014
212 Special CL for Govt Employees enabling to vote in Election 2014 Download 05-04-2014
213 Odisha Local Fund Audit (Group A and Group B ) Service Rules, 2014 Download 19-03-2014
214 Sri P K Biswal, Addl. Secy to Govt is designated as 1st Appellate Authority in FD( Secy Hq.) Download 19-03-2014
215 Enforcement of EPF /ESI benefits to Outsourced Agencies Download 19-03-2014
216 Operational guidelines for implementation of NPS for SABs and SPSUs_ modification there of Download 19-03-2014
217 e_Generation of GPF Account slips by subscribers_ G.O No.6243/F dt.06/03/2014 Download 10-03-2014
218 Issue of NOC to Govt. Employees for Indian Passport Download 10-03-2014
219 Measures to prevent rush of expenditure towards the fag end of the FY 2013-14 Download 10-03-2014
220 Clarification on grant of licence, contract, lease , permits etc_ Regarding VAT Clearance Certificate Download 10-03-2014
221 The Vote -on -Accounts for first four months of the FY 2014-15_ Wireless Message Download 10-03-2014
222 Assignment of post of Auditors and AS in some DAOs Download 22-02-2014
223 Draft_ Odisha Local Fund Audit (Amendment) Rules, 2014_ Inviting objection/ suggestion_ within one month( 19/03/2014) Download 22-02-2014
224 Relaxation of departmental Examination for promotion of Auditors to Audit Superintendents Download 30-01-2014
225 Rules of procedure and conduct of business in OLA Download 30-01-2014
226 Abolition and creation of posts _ LFA organisation Download 30-01-2014
227 Abolition and creation of posts _ Ministerial Staff _ LFA organisation Download 30-01-2014
228 The Sexual Harassment of women at workplace _PPR Download 30-01-2014
229 Filling of vacant posts of Group D in DAO, Phulbani Download 30-01-2014
230 Creation of Post of Auditors in DAO, Angul in lieu of abolition of post in DAO Dhenkal Download 30-01-2014
231 Detailed procedure to be adopted to generate e-GPF slip Download 31-10-2013
232 Usability of Office e-space Download 26-10-2013
233 Use of e-despatch rubber stamp to bring clarity while uploading letters to web by the issue / despatch sections Download 26-10-2013
234 Introduction of a new system of e-statement and push SMS for all the GPF subscribers Download 26-10-2013
235 Facility for recovery of voluntary contribution to CM relief fund from monthly salary Download 26-10-2013
236 Govt. Notification regarding the jurisdiction of the District Audit Offices and the respective headquarters Download 26-09-2013
237 Corrigendum on new modalities of Surcharge Download 13-09-2013
238 Gazette Notification on new modalities of Surcharge and Appeal Download 11-09-2013
239 Constitution of Audit Settlement and Monitoring Committees at District and State Level for settlement of Local Fund Audit paras Download 03-09-2013
240 New modalities on Appeal Cases Download 29-08-2013
241 Delegation of Surcharge Power in LFA Download 29-08-2013
242 Revision of grade pay in certain posts with grade pay of Rs 4200/- and Rs 4600/- Download 09-08-2013
243 Provisional Calender of Sitting of OLA_ 14th Assembly_ 13th Session Download 22-07-2013
244 Posts of AS/Auditor/ Peon in new DAOs created. G.O No_15254/F_ 23/04/2013 Download 26-04-2013
245 Posts of AS/Auditor/ Peon in parent DAOs abolished. G.O No_15256/F_ 23/04/2013 Download 26-04-2013
246 Creation of posts of Peons in DLFA G.O No 15258/F _ 23/04/2013 Download 26-04-2013
247 Professional Fee for Accounts Review of Aided Colleges by CA firms Download 04-04-2013
248 Category wise List of Aided Colleges _Government of Odisha _ Download 03-04-2013
251 Accounts Review of Aided Colleges of the State by Chartered Accountant firms Download 21-03-2013
252 Final Amalgamated Gradation List of Audit wings (LFA & GP) along with Notification No. FIN-LFA3-PG-001/2012- 1450/F -dt.11/01/2013 Download 15-01-2013
253 Functioning of Directorate of Local Fund Audit Download 31-10-2012
254 Assistant Directors of DLFA are declared as Assistant Examiners of Local Accounts Download 31-10-2012
255 Newly Created post of Director , Local Fund Audit- Office Order No-34262/F-01.10.2012 Download 19-10-2012
256 Orissa Civil Services ( Pension) Amendment Rules, 2005 Download 19-10-2012
257 Function of Directorate of Local Fund Audit (DLFA) from 1st October 2012 Download 01-10-2012
258 Creation of posts of District Audit Officer in LFA Organisation Download 19-07-2012
259 Creation of Directorate of Local Fund Audit (DLFA) / Creation of Posts for the Newly Created DLFA / Creation of Ministerial Posts,Contractual Posts etc for the Newly Created DLFA. (Soft Copies in PDF) Download 16-07-2012
260 Creation of posts of Ministerial and Support staffs for the District Audit Offices of LFA Download 06-07-2012
261 Upgradation of 3 posts of Audit Officer Class -II under LFA to the Rank of Junior Class-I - G.O.No.-5870/F dt. 03/07/2012 Download 05-07-2012
262 Creation of 12 posts of Audit Superintendent under Local Fund Audit Organisation -G.O.No.5866/F - dt.03/07/2012 Download 05-07-2012
263 Creation of the post of Auditor in Local Fund Audit Organisation under Finance Department- G.O.No.5862/F-dt.03/07/2012 Download 05-07-2012
264 Creation of post of Additional District Audit Officer in LFA Organisation - G.O.No.-5854/F- dt. 03/07/2012 Download 05-07-2012
265 Reconstitution /Creation of the Newly District Audit Offices - LFA -G.O.No: 5843/F dt.03/07/2012 Download 05-07-2012
266 Adoption of Common Audit Format (CAF) for all categories(except G.P. & Z.P.) , submission of e-Audit Reports and the guidelines there on. Letter No: 3995/F dt.02/05/2012 Download 02-05-2012
267 Sharing the Computer Facilities & allowing Internet Facilities to the Audit Personnel of LFA Organisation -- GO No: 8051/F;- dt:17/11/2011 Download 15-02-2012