In respect of the Accounts Review Programme of Aided Colleges by the CA Firms for the ARP 2023-24.
The final and ultimate dateline for return of the ARRs by DAOs is fixed to 03-06-2024, the dateline for CA Firms for resubmission of returned ARRs is fixed to 07-06-2024 and the dateline for approval of ARRS relating to ARP 2023-24 by the  DAOs fixed to 17-06-2024.

In respect of the LFA Program for the ARP 2023-24,

Last date of  approval of all Draft Audit Reports(LFA) relating to AAP-2023-24 is 31.05.2024.


  • Shri Vishal Kumar Dev, IAS
    Principal Secretary (Finance),
    Govt. of Odisha
  • Smt Rashmi Kabi, OFS (SAG)
    Director(I/C), Local Fund Audit, Finance Dept.,
    Govt. of Odisha

Directorate of Local Fund Audit, Finance Department, Odisha

Directorate of Local Fund Audit (D L F A ), Odisha is the Statutory Audit Organization of Government of Odisha. It has been functioning under the administrative control of Finance Department since 1948 & has been made a separate Directorate w.e.f. dt.01.10.2012.There are 26 District Audit Offices functioning for the 30 revenue districts of the State, each headed by a District Audit Officer.The Director of Local Fund Audit, Odisha is the Head of the Organisation. The Director LFA exercises the powers of Examiner of Local Accounts under the OLFA Act 1948.There are Officers like Additional Director, Joint Director, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, besides Audit Superintendents & Auditors to assist the Director in discharging his duties as the Examiner of Local Accounts... Read More


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 Contact No. of the Directorate of Local Fund Audit:- 0674-2391704

 Contact No. for Accounts Review of Aided Colleges- Sri Satya Bhushan Mishra, Assistant Audit Officer - 7008072133

 Any ALFA Portal related technical issue please contact on 06742390018

 SMT RASHMI KABI, OFS (SAG) Additional Director remained in charge of Director, Local Fund Audit, Odisha with effect from 01.03.2024.

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